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How to Get Cash for Your Real Estate Deals

Even if You’re a Newbie or Have No Money

Richard, Our thanks to you, … Finding the money for our deals has always been our biggest challenge and still is. This … has gone a long way to help us know that when we find a "great deal" that we can find the money. Again thanks very much. Mary-Frances and Harry Ferber Manchester, TN

Is A Lack of Cash Costing You Your Dreams?

How many great deals have you passed up—deals that would have put you on easy street—because you lacked the cash required for the acquisition or opportunity?

Ever been in a situation where you could have stopped financial loss, if you had the cash to carry you through a rough time?

Wouldn’t it be exciting if you could bank tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in spendable cash, to use whenever a great deal came along, no matter what the cost?

Now, you can…

Move Beyond Private Lending

It seems like everyone and his dog is giving a seminar on how to borrow money from friends and family. Anybody who follows this route quickly finds out, it’s not so easy. And what if your family isn’t flush with cash?

What you need is a comprehensive system that:

  • Absolutely serves you the best under any circumstances

  • Instantly helps you in any type of real estate transaction

  • Is eagerly accepted anywhere in the country

  • Works for you completely immune and independent of market forces

  • Comes through for you no matter whether the economy is up or down, and

  • Succeeds, time after time!

Now, for the first time, there’s a source that shows you how to bring big money into your investing business—sometimes from places you might not have even know about.

How The Rich Get Richer

Many think you need decades of experience, that you have to be ruthless or unethical or that you have to be ‘connected’ or have a superior credit rating. But you’re going to be surprised how simple and easy it actually can be.

The way the “Rich get richer” is…


It’s because they have the cash to demand big discounts on any property acquisition and the cash to get into lucrative deals that yield the largest profits.

Ask yourself, how dramatically would your life improve if you could be one of the “rich” right now? Could you or your loved ones benefit from grabbing up excellent opportunities without having to have the years and good fortune to build up a fat bank account?

Would it be worthwhile to invest a few minutes of your time to find out exactly how?

Discover The “Instant Money” Secrets

You've really showed me that the people involved really know what they are doing. AND...great tip on how to show people the kinds of deals you just missed because you didn't have the financing … my next deal is going to be my first - and you've shown me what to do next - who to go to as I get deals done to be able to even more and better deals. Joe O'Neill, Las Vegas, NV

Secrets? Are there really any secrets if thousands of real estate investors are already successfully using proven legal and legitimate methods and processes to have all the cash they want (and more) to grab up the best deals the instant that they appear.

The most lucrative and successful deals are cut every single day in the public eye. The secret is really having a “System” that takes advantage of lenders and funds that literally anybody – even you – has immediate access to!

Aren’t you anxious to know what system? Can you see the benefit of reducing your risks and increasing your revenue streams? Let’s get right to it then.

The “Show Me The Money System” is an innovative approach to using existing channels and resources to get you all the cash you need to fund fantastic real estate deals.

You need to check out Show Me the Money. This book was written by a seasoned real estate investor and industry specialist. The author has himself been investing for 10 years and has personally bought, managed and sold over $5 million in real estate, not to mention the billions of dollars in deals where others have sought his expertise. In his new book, this real estate entrepreneur is spilling his secrets—secrets he’s learned from his own unique experience “on the street.”

His name? It’s Richard Odessey. He’s known for his straight-shooting honesty and practicality. No fluff. No hype. He’s a former university professor and qualified systems engineer. He knows systems that followed produce PREDICTABLE outcomes with high probabilities of success.

In Show Me the Money, Richard reveals techniques and approaches that even the rank beginner in real estate can master. His philosophy and step-by-step recipe for funding are alarmingly simple and repeatable. Anyone can do it. You can get started without any lengthy certification or high costs either.

That said, Richard’s common sense isn’t so common. Many of the “rich” don’t know about the Show Me the Money System detailed in his book.

There are many, many alternatives to more formal and traditional means to access cash funding.

Here’s just a few examples:

  • Get other people to borrow money for you

  • Experience friends and family asking you if they can invest (no more negative comments)

  • Have banks soliciting you to take their money

  • Tap into a Trillion Dollar resource that hardly anyone knows about.

  • These are just a few of the dozens of incredible strategies you can take home after reading Show Me the Money.

    Can you see the potential of having Richard’s system at your fingertips? Grab your own copy of Show Me the Money today and you can.

    ebookYou have instant access to it too, as it’s available in a conveniently downloadable format. That’s right you can claim your ebook version online. It’s a digital version of the entire book by Richard. And every single page contains his street-smart tested advice.

    Remember. No Experience is required. No Sales Talent necessary. These techniques work for everyone – for the beginner and expert alike.

    How soon can you cash in on the material? That’s up to you and how fast you apply the multitude of solutions you can pick from.

    What happens after you read Show Me the Money? YOU become the expert for raising money for any deal you want to snap up!.

    With your new-found, almost magical ability to bring cash to the table, you’ll understand and leverage your…


    I think … Richard is better qualified than all these pitched "Gurus." Especially in this tip of the iceberg recession and the falling real estate epidemic that has just started and will be the worst nightmare in our lives. [gurus names withheld-ed.] , etc., etc., make more from selling their software then practicing what they preach. - Miles E. Stone, M.D.

    Million Dollar Slush Fund

    How much money do you want for your real estate ventures? Wouldn’t a Million Dollars be a good start? What about $5 Million? Doesn’t it thrill you to know you can invest in any kind of property you want to buy?

    Imagine the kind of Wealth and Life you could you build for yourself and your loved ones with unlimited money at your disposal.

    Show Me the Money has been designed to take you to that level. It takes you by the hand and shows you how to raise big money from people all over the country – without running afoul of any regulatory authorities.

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    Some real estate investors sink $5,000 to $25,000 into weekend seminars that merely ‘inspire’ and educate them and give them binders, DVDs and CDs – yet they FAIL to ever apply it or profit from it!

    Others spend years trying their best and learn the hard way – from their expensive mistakes. You don’t have to do it this way. After all, who wants to lose thousands, or worst, millions of their own money?

    Show Me the Money has over 100 pages of pure content that is literally worth millions. (Pun intended.)

    Richard’s business coaches and mentors have suggested he not even reveal his information. And, if he does it should be for $1,000 a copy with a very limited supply. But Richard believes prosperity comes back TEN fold when you share it, so he thought $397 would be more than fair and an attractive price.

    Even at $397, your copy of Show Me the Money would be a bargain by anybody’s standards. You might make at least 100 times that by doing one simple task Richard suggests in the book. (Richard tells you exactly how to ‘learn and earn’ by opening the junk mail you usually toss out.)

    By now, you’re probably asking yourself if Show Me the Money is so powerful and profitable - Why is Richard making his book available to you at such a minimal investment?

    Well, first of all, in a digital downloadable format there are almost NO costs involved in delivering it to you. Technology and the use of an “ebook” version means he can share the book without the regular cost of publishing through big New York publishers, agent’s fees, printing costs and huge marketing and retail distribution fees (not to mention headaches and travelling around to book signings).

    In addition, Richard has set himself a goal of creating “millionaire fund raisers”, and he wants testimonials about your successes. With your testimonial, he can work on far bigger projects that yield way more money than if he sold the book in stores. Richard needs and wants your help.

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    Every Investor In The Nation Ought To Have A Copy Of This

    This is so great that I think every investor in the nation ought to have a copy of this. In particular the wholesalers who seem to be only worried about their fees rather than preseting truly solid deals for those of us who are the ones taking the properties, re-positioning them and selling/renting them in these challenging times. Thanks for your information. It is very inspiring. Michael Piantedosi, Principal. - Chantilly, Virginia


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    Richard describes his personal system for analyzing a real estate deal and deciding what is the most productive and quickest strategy for obtaining the funding. Richard reveals his own private flow sheets that he has shared with no one else.

    Richard has divided up the real estate world into buying single family homes (major rehab required or only minor rehab required), and commercial (e.g., multi-family apartment complexes).

    For each of these categories, Richard explores with you all the options, not just the ones you learn in bootcamps. And he explains his reasoning, because Richard believes in teaching you to fish, not just handing out a temporary meal.

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